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Saturday, 16 October 2021 05:44
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Anonymous from Mooiplaats:
I was in a dark place, maybe one of the darkest yet. I have lost enough loved ones and friends to last me a life time. And now my wife was in hospital fighting for her life . . . again.

The house was empty – light and laughter gone from it. When I got home from the hospital visit I was sitting in that lonesome house. After a while I went outside. It was dark. I didn’t even close the door behind me.

Then this runt of my Pit-bull litter of seven puppies clambered on my lap and made herself comfortable, falling asleep. I had to hold on to her or let her fall to the cold floor below, so I held on to that warm little body.

The rest of the litter disappeared into the house – probably causing havoc. Then, one after another, they came back, looking up at me with their little faces asking: “Did I do something wrong?” I kept sitting with them, but worrying about the destruction inside the house, my wife’s pride and joy.

Still I kept sitting, my dark mood lifting as I felt those warm little bodies falling asleep on my feet. Later, when I walked into the house, I saw a puddle here and a poop there that I could clean in a blink of the eye. Their love and reassurance, however, will last forever.

Pit-bulls, death dealers and carnage makers say you. Life savers, say I.

Letter shortened. – Ed