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Saturday, 22 January 2022 05:51
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Alvaro Peres writes:
I am Portuguese and very interested in the history of the south of Africa, in particular of the countries on the coast of the two oceans, Mozambique and South Africa. I lived in Mozambique for 16 years and have now been in South Africa for the last forty seven years, so these two countries’ history is especially important to me.

In your issue of August 2014 there was an article in Afrikaans (which I don’t speak) entitled ‘Boere James Bond’ and I would like to know if you can provide that article and if you have an English translation, it would be most appreciated.

Thanks for your interest in The Bronberger magazine. Unfortunately we don’t have English translations of our Afrikaans articles. However, you are welcome to read the article on our website, www.bronberger.co.za, and then ask Google Translate to translate the Afrikaans text to English or Portuguese for you. – Ed

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