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Friday, 19 March 2021 04:28
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Oupa Ike Mahlangu from ward 101:
Follow-up letter from November 2020, volume 19 number 3: Thanks to The Bronberger for helping me to break the silence. A million thanks. Back-to-basics means that people from ward 100 came from ward 91 and ward 101. Since 2010 they’ve had no running water, electricity, sanitation, roads or proper schools.

Today a new kid on the block is telling us that we are divided. Please don’t divide us; we are not divided, or take us back home.

People had been relocated to Skierlek, Lethabong, plot 10 and Barendshoek together with surrounding areas. The reason being that big developments are coming and we should shift from ward 91 and ward 101 to ward 100. After that the developers will develop and create jobs for us, but nothing happened and we are very upset about that.

Letter shortened. – Ed

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