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Wednesday, 25 September 2019 09:29
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A girl who couldn’t even walk after a huge brain operation, got back in the saddle, competed against the best riders in the region in August and made it through to the nationals.

The 17-year old Paige Prangley-Main was selected as A-team rider for Sanesa Gauteng in the Working Riding Horse class on 10 August.

Juanita Jamneck from Liberty Stables in Mooiplaats explained that Paige had a huge brain operation five years ago to remove a massive tumour from her brain. She has since struggled with various health issues, especially with her eyes and double vision.

“Her vision often causes her to be dizzy and nauseous, but true to her nature, Paige has persevered,” Juanita said.

The tumour was first discovered after a fall from a friend’s pony caused her physiotherapist to send Paige for X-rays of her neck. After the tumour was removed Paige had a long road of recovery ahead of her, but her first port of call when allowed out of the house, was the stables.

The 17-year old Paige and Jurust Jonty at the regionals on 10 August
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“At that stage, she was unable to walk and had to be carried to the nearest horse, but before we knew it, Paige was back on one of our riding school ponies and telling the groom who led her around for safety’s sake, to let go and leave her alone,” Juanita said.

In no time, she was riding again and Jurust Jonty, a Boerperd with a wonderful temperament, was bought for her by her devoted mother, Penny Main.

Juanita said that last year Paige was not able to ride in the Sanesa shows due to her health, but this year she set her mind to it, qualified for regionals and even rode the regional finals while being sick with flu.

The 12-year old Paige on her previous horse, Alacrity, at a fun show in 2014, just before she was diagnosed with the tumour

“She did all of this without once expecting special treatment or even mentioning that she was not feeling great.”

Juanita explained that being selected as A-team rider is already a major achievement as riders first compete in four qualifying shows in the Gauteng Tshwane region against many schools in Pretoria.

Classes are usually quite big with between 15 and 30 riders in a class. The top few riders are then selected to compete in the regional finals – again against the 25 top riders, where Paige ended with a third placing.

From these riders, the Gauteng team is chosen to compete at the nationals from 25 to
28 September against the school teams from the rest of the country.

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