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Tuesday, 25 June 2019 11:12
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Charles from Rietfontein/Mooikloof writes:
It is rumoured that unsavoury crime-related business activities are prevalent in the Plastic View informal squatter camp.

Property owners and residents of agricultural holdings towards its eastern surrounds are subjected to livestock theft and rumours are that the animals or their meat is being sold illegally in the squatter camp.

There are even rumours about a scrap metal business operating within the squatter camp. That probably explains the frequent and convenient theft of our fencing posts. What is certain is that I am a victim of both these crimes.

The police that serve the surrounding communities are aware of the perpetrated crimes and it is rumoured that they are also aware of the unsavoury business operations within the squatter camp, but do not react accordingly.

First and foremost, Plastic View is a squatter camp. The land is being occupied informally, mostly by foreigners, illegally, and it is inconceivable that such a prime area of developable land is stagnating due to consideration for this manifestation.

But what’s equally as concerning is that as long as these rumours are not properly investigated, we will never know if they are true or false, and we will continue to be subjected to crimes which create and serve a growing demand.

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