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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 14:34
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Errol Cuthbert from Mooikloof writes:       
This is the total English content of your magazine: ‘Have You Heard’ (1/2 page maybe); ‘The beetle that visits the vet’ (1/2 page); ‘Animal matters’ (1/2 page); and ‘The Final Word’ (1/2 page). Total: About two and a 1/2 pages excluding advertising content.

You should change the name of your magazine to ‘The Afrikaner Bronberger’.

Can you give me the names, e-mail address and phone numbers of the authors of the articles on Oom Paul Kruger; The Erasmus Family and all other main articles in your magazine – for at least the last three years. I want to send these articles to my family in Australia. Do you have them in English? 

Thanks for your interest in The Bronberger. There are myriad English magazines available. We try to serve the community and as an independent community publication we have the freedom to acknowledge the language the majority of our readers were born speaking and to make our small contribution towards keeping it alive in the only country in the world where it is an official language. You (and your family in Australia) are welcome to visit our website: It also acts as our editorial archives from 2008. You’re welcome to ask Google Translate to translate the Afrikaans articles on our website into any other language. – Ed

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