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Tuesday, 26 February 2019 08:05
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Andrew Clark from Vaalbank writes:
Around the latter part of last year (I regret I no longer have The Bronberger issue as I pass them on), there was an article regarding someone who reported on a clump of ‘bobbejaanstert’ that had been devastated, and who said that these could not be replaced as they don’t transplant, or that is what I gather her to have said. My Afrikaans is very rusty.

I beg to differ. They do transplant, but take ages to recover from any upheaval, such as was reported. I have one that I obtained from a friend way out beyond Sybrandskraal. I potted it and only in the last year or so has it been throwing out leaves.

That took about five to six years. It is merely a case of patience. When they will flower is another story. I meant to respond when the article came out last year.

The article was ‘Natuurerfenis word vernietig’ in October 2018 where Runa-Marie Jonker spoke about damage to the koppie at Rietvlei View. – Ed

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