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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 04:18
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James Hunt from Rayton writes:
I moved to Rayton a few years ago and have noticed that the unemployment figure in Rayton and Cullinan is, apparently, high.

There is also no public transport for the poorer members of the community except for lift clubs, limited, and mini-taxis. The taxis leave Rayton, go to Fourways in Cullinan, where they wait until they have sufficient passengers to make it financially viable to travel to Pretoria, mostly Boom Street.

This waiting can take an hour before the passengers leave and as a result they get to Pretoria after all the other people have started working. The same applies for the return trip. Both trips are in excess of R20 per trip, which translates to R800 a month – a huge cut out of a labourer’s salary.

So, I assume the people do not go to Pretoria to even apply for a job.

I have also heard from various sources that there used to be a bus service from Cullinan that also served Rayton and a train service that used to run from Rayton station, but that both these services were discontinued. Reason unknown.

Rayton station still exists and could be renovated for the train service to be re-implemented and the City of Tshwane could easily implement a bus service to serve both communities.

Could you please ask your readers if anyone knows why the services were discontinued and if they feel that these services should be reinstated.

If they are, then the traffic flow on the R515 through Rayton will be drastically lessened and the serious accidents, which are occurring on a daily basis, will be reduced. Also, the poorer members of the communities might be able to go to work, which will be an advantage to the communities.

People with more information can phone our office at 012-734-0522 or send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . – Ed

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