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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 21:44
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DJ Scholtz from De Wagensdrift writes:
I am hyper allergic to bee stings. At about 6.15 am I was stung by a bee. I live in the rural area of De Wagensdrift.

A friend rushed me to the Wadrift Clinic (the nearest medical facility), as I did not have the required medication with me.

When I explained to the security guard at the gate of Wadrift Clinic what my situation was (at this stage I was very unsteady on my feet and slurring), he bluntly told me to fall in the queue as the clinic only opens at 7.30.

I explained to him that I might be in a coma by that time. Not even this convinced him – I had to wait. The female security guard showed some intelligence and called one of the sisters. I explained to the sister what my situation was and her reply was also, “wait for 7.30 as that is when we open”.

I once again explained that I could not wait that long as this was an emergency. Her reply was, “wait, I will see”. At this stage I was holding on and leaning against the gate to keep myself upright and I started getting disorientated.

As I have been in this state before I knew I was running out of time and needed help. I showed the security guards the time on my phone (it was 7.10) and told them there is a problem looming and I needed to go seek help.

My friend rushed me to Cullinan. We went to Cullinan Chemist that was not open as to their official trading hours. Despite the time, the chemist was opened and I was assisted without any delay or excuse. I was not even asked for any money upfront.

I could see that it was the prime mission of the chemist to stabilize me and prevent my body from going into shock. I am so grateful to the staff of Cullinan chemist. Thank you; you made the medical profession proud. Thanks to you I can write this letter now!

I do hope that this writing of mine could save someone one day in an emergency.

Letter shortened. – Ed

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