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Tuesday, 22 November 2016 17:01
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Anony-mouse from Cullinan writes:
Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. That should then be how we grow the success of our little village too.

Sadly, greed and envy seems to be what drives many of our village business people. A case in point: a resident in our community is retrenched and has no income or savings to fall back on. One of the businesses in town throws him a lifeline. He opens up a tiny little tuck shop to service their customers.

It will certainly not keep him afloat but caters for his most immediate needs while he attempts to get back on his feet.

How petty and small then is it, that a formal campaign is mobilised by the successful businesses around him to have him removed. I am truly saddened and angered by this and hang my head in shame to be seen as part of a village where greed seems to be a driving force.

This village would be so much more successful if everyone could see it as one large business unit with various attractive tourist features and promote the village as such. Each business person should encourage others to add to the dynamics of this town in keeping with its quaintness. The more businesses, the more reason visitors will find to spend more time here and to return with friends and, in doing so, attract much more clientele.

Work together, celebrate each other’s success and give those who need it a hand up. You will only benefit from it.

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