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Tuesday, 11 November 2008 05:32
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Atterbury Road extension will no longer become the access road to The Hills estate. Instead, Zwavelpoort Road will be extended to cut through smallholdings and a wetland area to connect The Hills with Lynnwood Road.

In a surprise decision by Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and the Environment (GDACE), environmental consultants’ recommendation to extend Atterbury Road as access to The Hills estate, was overturned. GDACE granted Bluecore Investments authorisation for the development of a 900 metre link road from the end of Zwavelpoort Road to The Hills.

GDACE decided that Road 1, Zwavelpoort Road, will become the access road to The Hills estate

Many Zwavelpoort residents east of the Zwavelpoort spruit looked forward to an extension of Atterbury Road, bridging the spruit and providing them with a short-cut to town. They are furious about the fact that GDACE ignored environmental specialists, African EPA’s (now known as Golder Associates) earlier recommendations.

Zwavelpoort resident Graham le Grange owns two properties on the Zwavelpoort Road and is dead set against the extension of the road. Graham wanted to lodge an appeal against GDACE’s decision, but is concerned about the fact that many of his neighbours, who will be directly affected by the
extension, were not informed about GDACE’s decision and had no time to lodge appeals.

“People are still thinking that Atterbury Road will be extended. They have not advised the public of their change of opinion. The plans were somehow overturned and I want to know why,” Graham said.

In June The Bronberger reported that a public participation process was launched in late 2006, including a public meeting and discussion of three alternatives access roads, referred to as Roads 1, 2, and 3. Road 2, Atterbury Road, was chosen as the preferred route. The estimated cost of extending Atterbury Road to The Hills would have been R25-million and the estimated construction period eight months. Apparently the cost of extending Zwavelpoort Road will be much lower. According to GDACE’s Record of Decision (RoD) document, the department found that Road 1, Zwavelpoort Road, is less sensitive than Road 2, Atterbury Road extension. The document states that Road 1 is an existing right of way servitude.

According to GDACE a “strong possibility exists that the activity will have minimal impact on the environment and that such impacts as may eventuate, could be mitigated”.

The GDACE document states that authorisation for the building of this link road is subject to the recommendations made in the Wetland Delineation Report compiled by Imperata Consulting, the Faunal Specialist Report compiled by Dewald Kamffer (EcoCheck) and the Vegetation Assessment Report compiled by EkoInfo. For more information, contact Johan Goosen at Golder Associates, tel: 012-366-0100 or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Zwavelpoort Road will be extended as access road to The Hills estate