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Wednesday, 23 April 2014 00:15
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ZwavelStream Clinic is the name of the 80-bed psychiatric rehabilitation and wellness centre planned for plot 122, Zwavelpoort, just off Achilles Road.

Neighbouring residents have objected to this development, largely due to the sewage problems in this area. Those who have registered as interested and affected parties have until 21 May to review the development’s draft basic assessment report.

In August 2013 we reported that the psychiatric wellness project is undertaken by Igna and Denza Steenkamp and that they commissioned Interdesign Landscape Architects (ILA) to act as the independent environmental assessment practitioner (EAP). ILA has been handling the required application to the deciding authority, Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD).

Portion 122, a portion of portion two, of the farm Zwavelpoort 373-JR is registered in the name of Igna and Denza Trust. Igna and Denza have been in the medical industry for the past twenty years and say that there is a need for such a centre.

The proposed development will be similar to Vista and Denmar Clinics, but on a much smaller scale with less residing psychiatrists on the premises.

According to the owners, ZwavelStream Centre will not admit patients who are considered to be violent, dangerous or those who indulge in substance abuse.

The aim is to establish a specialist psychiatric centre in a tranquil therapeutic environment, including spacious gardens, recreational as well as large open areas set in a homely environment.

Existing house on the plot

The centre will focus on psychosocial rehabilitation, the process of restoring the emotional functioning and well-being of an individual who has a psychiatric disability or who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder. The most frequently treated conditions in similar centres are depression, anxiety, panic, stress, post-traumatic stress and bipolar disorder.

Depending on the individual diagnosis, patients will normally be admitted for 10 to 14 days. Treatment entails pharmacological management and will be combined with other therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive behaviour therapy, sleep therapy and art therapy, and will aim to facilitate improvement in symptoms or personal distress.

Patients need to attend individual as well as group sessions.

A multi-disciplinary team of professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nursing staff and other assistants, will help patients on their way to recovery. It is estimated that the total staff will be 42 people.

This 80-bed centre will have private, semi-private and three-bed rooms, divided into five wards – two for men, two for women and a separate adolescent ward.

The facility will be made up of consulting rooms, lounges, group therapy rooms, and areas for communal dining, a gym, TV and computer use. There will be a laundry room, industrial kitchen, shop and place of refreshment. Provision will be made for a caretaker’s residence and the owners will also stay on the property.

A bird’s eye view of plot 122, Zwavelpoort

The proposed size of the development will consist of the existing buildings, a house and outbuildings, of 1 158.9 m² as a first phase, and new proposed permanent structures of 3 505m² on ground and first floor level. The total will be 4 663.9 m².

Enough parking will be provided for staff and visitors to the patients, as well as loading facilities.

The proposed land use will be less than 10 000 m² for the entire development, including parking and landscaping. The plot is approximately 9 ha, with a total of approximately 1 ha to be developed.
The property is located south of Lynnwood Road, which means that it falls under Region Six. It has a zoning of “Undetermined” in terms of the Peri-Urban Areas Town Planning Scheme.

According to the Peri Urban Town Planning Scheme, a consent use application can be submitted to the local authority when the coverage is less than 10% of the property size. Application is made for 3.5% coverage, not exceeding 3 505 m².

Complaints from neighbours that have been taken up in the draft basic assessment report include those of Douw Venter who said that he is against any large-scale development in the area because the roads cannot even handle the existing traffic. He also said that he is against another sewage treatment plant in the area.

Gretchen van der Merwe said that everybody in the area is concerned about the kind of sewage system the development will use. Another resident said that E.Coli levels in groundwater are already at unhealthy levels. As his plot 125 lies directly below plot 122, any sewage seepage will affect his family negatively.

Notices of the proposed development that were placed at the entrance to plot 122

Corli Havenga Traffic Engineers have been appointed to submit a traffic impact study for the proposed consent use application, which will show the peak and off-peak traffic flows.

The professional consulting civil engineer appointed to do the engineering services report is PAJ Lochner, trading as Makarios Consulting.

Zwavelpoort is not served with water borne municipal sewer services. The Tshwane Metro Council lays down the following conditions for sewer systems in this area:“Treatment of sewage effluent must be done by means of either a suction tank system, closed sewage treatment plant, or any similar system to the satisfaction of the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality.

Only existing buildings, as per approved building plans, may continue to be served by means of a combined septic tank and French drain system and only if such a system already exists and meets the requirements as laid down in the National Building Regulations. This condition must be registered against the title deeds of the proposed vacant portions”

ZwavelStream Clinic proposes its sewage outflow to be treated to aquatic standard by using a Bio-Mite BM250 Unit with a treatment capacity of 45 000 litre (45 kℓ) per day.

The outflow from the Bio-Mite plant will be further polished in an artificial reed-bed wetland with a seven-day retention capacity of ± 260 kilolitre (m³) in size.

For more information, contact ILA’s Mazolo Dube at 012-348-1922, 082-652-5848 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .