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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 07:36
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A network of people who steal dogs in South Africa and transport them to Angola has recently been busted. Cases have been lodged against several Angolans who had been positively identified in connection with a large smuggling syndicate responsible for trafficking more than 120 000 dogs from South Africa.

It is suspected that these dogs are used for dog fights, breeding and security purposes in Angola.
Investigation into these thefts prompted the National Animal Welfare Task Team (NAWTT) to offer dog owners valuable advice. Santa Lourens, NAWTT’s South African co-coordinator and data administrator said that you should go directly to your nearest police station for a statement of theft and case number if you suspect that your dog has been stolen.

Photographs on the National Animal Welfare Task Team’s Facebook page of stolen dogs that have been found

“If you experience any problems with the police refusing to take down the case, please contact me directly from the station so that I can speak to the officer in charge,” she said. “Send me the case number, completed report and photographs of your dog.”

Santa recommended that people micro chip their dogs and keep them at the back of their house, not in front where they could easily be poisoned or stolen.

If your dog had been stolen, you can distribute pamphlets at post boxes in your area and advertise at vets, animal rescue and welfare organisations and schools. Santa said that you should not put awareness notices on public notice boards; only your lost/stolen dog’s photograph and your contact number. She said never to put up a reward amount, for this will put you in danger for other criminal actions.

You can call NAWTT’s Santa Lourens at 082-568-7343. Join the National Animal Welfare Task Team’s Facebook group to look at photographs of stolen dogs that have been retrieved.