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Wednesday, 23 April 2008 02:00
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A hotel with 350 rooms is planned for the Olympus’ green-belt area. This follows hot on the heals of the proposed block of three-storey flats on top of the ridge in Olympus. Last month The Bronberger reported that three-storey flats are in the pipeline for the Bronberg ridge on plots 84/1 and 84/R in Achilles Road, in spite of the fact that an ecological assessment recommends that no development takes place on the grassland and the woodland ridge community.

Now a hotel development is planned close by in Leander Road. The hotel developers seek to approve an application to exclude the 4,8 hectares of plot 72, Olympus from the Agricultural Holdings Registration Act so that they can establish a development area, known as Kingsview.

The application will be considered at a Tribunal hearing to be held at Die Werf, 66 Olympus Avenue on 20 June at 10 am. The pre-hearing conference will also be held there on 6 June at 10 am. Izak Jacobus Roux, on behalf of Scarlet Ibis Investments, lodged an application in terms of the Development Facilitation Act for the establishment of a Land Development Area on plot 72, Olympus.

The western border of the property is the boundary between the Metropolitan Council of Tshwane and Kungwini Local Municipal. The site is located between the Bronberg in the north, Bronberg X 2 Township to the south and plot 73 Olympus to the east.

Location of the proposed hotel development in Olympus

The proposed Kingsview land development area consists of six erven with the following zonings: Erf 1: 35 units per hectare or a hotel with 50 rooms; Erf 2 and 3: 35 units per hectare or a hotel with 100 rooms; and Erf 4: 50 units per hectare or a hotel with 100 rooms. The total number of residential units will be 158 and the number of hotel rooms 350. Olympus neighbours, such as Leonie Chandler, are up in arms about yet another proposed evelopment in the green-belt area.

Leonie said that they specifically bought in the area because they were told that the Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment (GDACE) would allow no development in the green-belt area.

Now it seems as if Olympus’ green belt – with its at least five endangered species – has been thrown to the dogs.

While GDACE’s new policy for Olympus - one of using land optimally by promoting affordable high-density development – came as a shock to landowners, it is quoted in nearly every development application.

According to the Kingsview application, the proposed development will provide middle-income housing which the buyers in the area can afford. The document states that the residential densities proposed will discourage urban sprawl in other areas.

According to the application, plot 72 is located in an area where similar developments have been approved and are being developed. This document states that the demand for the residential two and hotel use is confirmed by the unit prices and number of guest houses in the area.

According to GDACE, densification is desirable from an environmental and socio-economic perspective because it ensures optimal use of existing infrastructure networks. However, Olympus’ infrastructure networks - such as roads, electricity, water supply and sewage - were not designed to deal with the urban densification.

It is ironic that the Kingsview application document quotes a traffic impact study to conclude that “the traffic generated by the development could be accommodated on the street network and no major road upgrades would be required for the accommodation of the traffic generated.”