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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 21:14
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Daleen Reiners van die Bronberg-gebied skryf:
Middag dr Liesel. Ek het drie honde en nou het ek ’n erg mishandelde hond ingeneem. Probleem is sy is baie jaloers en byt my een hond wat ’n bruin border collie is. Kan u asseblief vir my raad gee? Ek het haar nou twee weke. 

Die nuwe hond

Dr Liesel van der Merwe answers:
These dogs bite because they are scared and have been living rough. It is sometimes necessary to introduce them one dog at a time, especially if the dog doesn’t really ‘know’ how to behave in a pack situation. 

Another thing I do is try not to interfere. Let the dogs sort themselves out. Sometimes they respond more naturally without the owner, especially if you are stressed, but in this case you may be too scared to do that.

Additionally you can organise an animal behaviourist to visit the house to assess your risk and to find out which animal is the trigger.

I have eight dogs, all strays adopted at different times, and I do sometimes have issues with introductions, but I find that they lessen over time. However, I am quite well versed in animal behaviour and know when to leave things be and when to divert or manage behaviour.

I also have sometimes used drugs – anxiolytics – to take the edge off the new dog, but that only works if you adjust management as well.