Boardwalk noise unbearable Print
News - Briewe
Friday, 20 February 2015 00:13
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Karel Wentzel from Faerie Glen writes:
My family and I have stayed across from the Boardwalk Lake restaurant/business complex since 2001. Over the years the noise from the restaurants, especially after 9 pm has become more unbearable. The tenants play their music (live or DJ) louder and louder, being emboldened by the inability of the landlord and the police to curb the noise.

I have logged more than 20 calls with the police, both Garsfontein and Boschkop stations, as well as written complaints to the environmental affairs division of Tshwane, to no avail.

The lack of sleep on Friday and Saturday nights is really taking its toll on my family and I. When one takes up the noise with the tenants directly, they point fingers at each other, saying it’s not their music, even if you stand in front of their shops when the music is playing. They apologise and just continue regardless.

It would be appreciated if this could be highlighted in your publication as a problem, which is only going to get worse unless someone does something about it. As the east grows, year by year more and more establishments such as these will attempt to bypass the license regulations. Where does it end, I wonder? In reckless abandon? What's next to go as we continue to destroy the fabric of our society?