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Tuesday, 23 June 2015 01:46
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Bikers showed their support for abandoned cats at a motorcycle run and fun day in Tierpoort. New-Generation Motorcycle Club held a charity fundraiser on Saturday, 23 May in collaboration with Be Wise Sterilise (BWS).

Moose, a cleft palate kitten, was present as an ambassador

BWS is a non-profit organisation that raises funds to help sterilise abandoned cats and kittens.
The fun day was from 9.30 am to 5 pm with food, stalls and live entertainment by Landman Janse van Rensburg and Mari Minnaar. Entrance was R20 per person plus a donation for the animals.

Supporters arrived throughout the day at plot 40, Tierpoort offering donations of food, litter sand and funds for the many cats and kittens in need. This plot is home to many feral cats who, due to lack of socialisation, are unable to be rehabilitated. A network of Catz R Us foster moms care for the kittens of these feral cats until they are old enough to be homed. 

Supporters offered donations of food, litter sand and funds for cats in need

Moose, a cleft palate kitten, was present at the fun day as an ambassador and represented the kind of veterinary intervention needed by many of these kittens. The day’s aim was to build awareness of sterilisation, but Moose helped to remind people that extra funds are necessary for special-needs cats and kittens. 

From left to right: Betz Mann, Andries Mann, Morné Smit, Johann van der Merwe,
Sandra Naude and Jacques le Roux

With the growing numbers of unwanted kittens and rescue centres over-flowing, BWS deals directly with the root cause of the problem, lack of sterilisation. By sterilising your cat, you help to stop the cycle of homelessness, abuse and neglect, and are saving millions of lives.

Morné Combrink from BWS stated that “cats can reproduce up to three times a year and those off-spring can reproduce from the age of six months, therefore sterilisation is of the utmost importance”.

Members of New-Generation Motorcycle Club at the fund raiser in Tierpoort

Many of these unwanted offspring end up at Catz R Us, which operates from a vet's premises in Glenwood Road, Lynnwood Glen. They have three catteries for cats that are up for adoption. These catteries accommodate up to 200 cats at any given time. There is a hospital and two isolation units for sick cats.

As an extension of the shelter, Catz R Us has a network of foster moms who take in the ‘overflow’ cats, kittens that are too young for the shelter, bottle babies, and those that need extra attention, often due to severe neglect.

Flea market stalls

Catz R Us doesn’t euthanize healthy animals for lack of space or resources. They take in pregnant cats and cats with kittens. They run almost entirely on a volunteer basis. For more information phone Charlene Grover at 072-351-7847 or 012-361-6206