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Wednesday, 27 May 2015 07:56
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The Deutsche Schule robotics team won awards at the first ever Robotics Open African Championships.

Over 70 local and international teams participated in the championships at the Africa Automation Fair in Johannesburg from 5 to 7 May. Future engineers and innovators displayed over 2 000 m² of talent and passion for robotics.

From left to right: Head judge, Danie Heymans; the brothers Heiko and Thomas Kabutz; Thomas Hettasch; Jessica Irons; dr Karin Kabutz; and Warren Markley, the school’s team manager. Front: James Kim. Back: From Netherlands with the microphone in his hand, Dick van der Lee, ambassador for Lego at the Tech Competitions

The Deutsche Schule entered two teams – the Cheese Team and the Creepy Crawly Team. The Creepy Crawly Team won the Championships Trophy, as well as the Inspire Award of their division of the competition. Twelve top teams from South Africa participated.

The winning team is made up of: Heiko Kabutz, grade 12; Thomas Kabutz, grade nine; Thomas Hettasch, grade 10; Jessica Irons, grade 10; and James Kim, grade eight.

The teams’ technical skills are challenged and tested at these competitions, and the young innovators are provided with an international platform for networking and exchanging their ideas and experiences.