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Wednesday, 20 February 2008 02:00

Breytie Breytenbach

After a year of constructively working together with the Boschkop Police Station, the community starts showing the outlines of problem areas which should be the concern of all who live and work here.

Within the wide net of the concept of crime prevention, we will have to dig deeper now to get to the real and fundamental factors that are not directly linked to crime but, if managed well, can help create circumstances in which crime becomes more difficult.

Awareness is one such factor. Too many people are still uninformed about the way in which crime can be prevented in our area. Many have certain perceptions about crime that are far from the truth. Most of us are living our lives without noticing the warning signs of crime.

However, it is an impossible task to get information to the homes and work places in our area without using modern technology. We need a communication vehicle which can focus on the local community, informing people about local issues, statistics, hot spots, crime trends and even the very latest car jacking or burglary.

A website for the Boschkop Community Police Forum seems to be a good starting point to achieve this goal. A member of CPF management has already established a website. In future this kind of local communication will be refined. Contributions to maintain the site are now needed.

One of the first questions you will ask is whether this and the following expenses will be tax deductible. To make that possible, the Boschkop Community Police Forum will have to register as a fundraising organisation. Our information is that such registration is just about impossible because of red tape and a huge backlog. Here we need somebody who knows the ropes of the registration process. Registration will make it so much easier to approach local businesses for assistance with crime prevention.

All CPF documentation is kept in the houses of the executive committee members. Consequently it is difficult to keep everything under control and be accessible to members of the community. In such circumstances mistakes and delays are inevitable. Meetings also have to take place at different venues, depending on availability. A permanent address suitable for an office is therefore urgently needed. If it is large enough to accommodate meetings, it will be excellent. And if I can push the envelope a little further, I want to mention that a person who could fill a part-time administrative post in such an office will really streamline the efforts.

The provincial government established a trauma centre at the police station a few years ago. It is meant to accommodate traumatised people who come to the station and dare not go home immediately. It can also be used to do trauma counselling when needed. However, nobody is allowed to use the place because no certificate of compliance has so far been issued. Being a state-owned venue, no risks can be taken. The electrician who installed the electricity is non-existent for all practical purposes. Here is a need for an electrician willing to investigate the wiring and provide the necessary document.

Still on trauma counselling, it can be reported that a number of volunteers from different parts of the community have been recruited and will shortly start basic training. However, all these persons are from the northern side of the Bronberg ridge. We need volunteers from the southern side to be available for the community there. Lastly, Kutumela Molefi School, just off the Pretoria- Bronkhorstspruit road, is plagued by vandals and criminals. A guard was hired to keep watch at night, but he was murdered. Now there is no alarm system left, no lights around the school at night and no guard wants to do duty there. It is useless for the school to buy or beg for equipment, because it will disappear almost as soon as it arrives. Drastic intervention is necessary to make the school a safer place.

If you cannot do anything to meet the various needs mentioned above, you are free to donate any amount into the CPF?s bank account, preferably with a reference or note of sorts: GPF Boschkop, ABSA Bank (IBT 632005), cheque account 4069514886.

For more information about the website, office space and fundraising, contact Vince Crous at 082-909-5030. Contact Sup. Groenewald at 082-822-6990 about the trauma centre. Volunteers for the trauma team can contact Jeff Marginter at 012-802-1039 or 082-465-5584. Contact the Kutumela Mulefi School at 012-802-1560.

For general information, contact Dr Breytie Breytenbach at 012- 802-1532.

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