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Friday, 22 January 2021 13:14
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Anonymous from Mooiplaats:
Dear Bronberger, as a Mooiplaats resident for more than 26 years, we have seen many ups and downs at our local Boschkop Police Station.

People (including myself) are always quick to complain and criticize, but rarely give credit or thanks.

During the past few weeks over the festive season and now, I had to contact the police for incidents of disturbances and crime on four occasions. And although it still is sometimes difficult to get through, we have had such positive experiences with response from policemen stationed at Boschkop.

Boschkop Police Station

We would like to thank station commander Sithole for his motivation of the staff and some of the constables, who are trying to make a difference. Sadly, increased crime in our area is putting more pressure on them.

We would like to thank them and encourage them to continue the good efforts to fight crime and make South Africa a safer place.

And thank you, Bronberger, for many years of an excellent magazine.

May everyone have a healthy and safe 2021.

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