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Wednesday, 20 February 2008 02:00
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Kathy O’Connor from the Silver Lakes HOA writes:

We refer to the article entitled‘Polisie kry boewenes in Silver Lakes’ that appeared in the January edition of your magazine. The information stated in this article is factually incorrect and you are requested to print a correction in the next edition of your magazine.

The heading of the article is sensational and inaccurate. The‘boewenes’ you refer to was found in the residential units called Out of Bounds which are in close proximity to Silver Lakes, but do not in any way form part of Silver Lakes or fall within the boundaries of Silver Lakes Golf Estate.

An attempted robbery did take place in Silver Lakes on 28 December, but thanks to the quick reactions of the estate security, who alerted the police, the stolen goods and get-away vehicle were recovered on the estate when the robbers fled into a neighbouring estate.

Please contact the Silver Lakes Homeowners Association should you require information or clarity on any issues related to Silver Lakes.

It was not clear from the police report that Out of Bounds was indeed outside (by), and not in Silver Lakes. So, thank you for pointing out that the ‘boewe’ were found in Silver Lakes, and the ‘nes’ in Out of Bounds, and that our heading was thus “factually incorrect”. We fail, however, to see how it was in any way “sensational”. - Red


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