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Saturday, 19 September 2020 06:39
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Eus de Clerk from Cullinan:
After applying online for a booking to renew our driver’s licence cards, the wife and I travelled to the Bronkhorstspruit Licensing Department on 9 June. On entering the grimy building, you are immediately stunned speechless by the obvious lack of maintenance and their exotic collection of many years of accumulated filth.

We were sanitised, socially distanced, had to complete various documents, waited for 45 minutes, were photographed and fingerprinted by officials who were masked asleep – waited another 45 minutes and finally ended up paying R456 for the two license cards. (This whole process took a little under three hours.) We were then told to collect the cards in eight weeks’ time – that is on 4 August.

Knowing the inefficient and incompetent manner in which government departments operate, we decided to add another two weeks to their eight-week deadline. So, on 19 August we set off for Bronkies once again.

We arrived at 08:50, and were told by a security guard at the gate to wait outside –someone would come to collect our “receipt in respect of moneys received” documents.

The licence offices

At 09:12, a masked male official collected both of these documents from me – and vanished back into the Palace of Filth.

At 09:54, just before we froze to death in the bitterly cold wind, a masked female official called out my wife’s name. My wife was sanitised, signed a receipt and collected her driver’s license card. Yippee! One down, one to go! I was told to wait . . .

After another 20 minutes, I approached the masked female official and enquired as to what has happened to my card. Without a word, she disappeared back into the Palace of Filth; only to reappear five minutes later with my original “receipt in respect of moneys received” document. Someone had written “*DR **CPF” in bold black letters across it.

She handed the document to me, and without a word, walked off.

“When can I collect my license card?” I called after her.

Without even looking back at me, she mumbled: “Give it three weeks!” And vanished back into the Palace of Filth.

It’s a good thing I’m not a drinking man . . .

Ondersteun die Bronnie
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