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Wednesday, 26 February 2020 09:56
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Eus de Clerk from Cullinan writes: 
This is the sight that greets tourists to Cullinan – and it’s been there for years. If this does not qualify as “illegal street trading” then I don’t know what it is. Where are the police officers? Why don’t they apply the bylaws? Are they blind or just plain lazy?

You can try to report this matter to the Tshwane municipality. And if you’re successful, consider it a miracle. I’ve tried – to no avail.

Telephone number for reporting bylaw offences: for example, illegal street trading and illegal night club activities: 012-358-0070.

Illegal street trading?

The local CPF answered:
Since City of Tshwane took over the previous Nokeng Tsa Taemane Municipality in 2011, the bylaws have still not been promulgated. This means that the metro can not enforce the bylaws, and street vendors can not apply for trading licenses. It is a very unnecessary and frustrating situation and we have been unable to get proper answers on what the hold-up is with the promulgation of the bylaws.


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