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Tuesday, 22 October 2019 13:15
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The world-famous diamond mining town of Cullinan is about to become South Africa’s ‘gem’ of ghostly hotspots.

Paranormalist, illusionist, social-scientist and theatrical director-cum-performer, Mark Rose-Christie, and his son Kyle are launching ‘Mystery Ghost Jaunts’ in Cullinan on 15 and 16 November in cooperation with Cullinan Diamond Lodge and Adventure Zone.

Floorboards where the footsteps and wheelchair are heard

“We’ve run various types of ghost productions in smaller towns, but none of the smaller towns or even our major cities, come close to Cullinan,” Mark said.

Cullinan graveyard

Masonic Lodge

The town has a rich and varied history, from diamonds to World Wars; from daunting tales of the 1918 flu epidemic to brighter times filled with colourful characters and so one would expect there to be many ghost stories . . . and there are. Mark was assisted in his research by local historian, John Lincoln.

“We don’t do tours, we do theatrical productions, and Cullinan is going to host the best ghostly productions yet in South Africa,” Mark said.

An abandoned building at the old hospital

The evening begins with dinner and dessert served from 6 pm to 7pm, with the jaunt running directly thereafter, ending at the historical cemetery at midnight. The route includes the historical Anglican Church where the legend of a golden object buried in the pulpit’s stonework will be told.

Visitors are also taken to the Masonic Lodge, where there is an unmarked grave and a restless spirit roams, and the Recreation Club with its revenge ghost whose story will be told by Mark.

Anglican Church

The grave of James Grant

On the way down Oak Avenue guests will be introduced to two interactive ghosts, where an elderly man pushes an elderly woman in a wheelchair – seen by few, but heard by many, with the footsteps and wheelchair heard travelling over the old wooden floorboards.

Then there is the McHardy House museum with its sad tale of the first mine manager, William McHardy, who lost his son at an early age, and Cullinan’s Poltergeist House. Several ghost stories also come from the mine itself, such as the crisis ghost underground who prevents accidents every time he appears.

At the old railway station guests will hear the tragic-romantic tale of a lost soul, ‘The Lantern Lady’, who aimlessly wanders the railway tracks. After that, one climbs into one’s own car to join a convoy to the old hospital and its mortuary, with its eerie torrent of spooky phenomena.

One of the bedrooms inside McHardy House

Inside McHardy House

McHardy House

The convoy then drives to the cemetery where many stories, including the one of a replay ghost, will be told.

Tickets cost R550 per person and visitors have an option to stay overnight. Bookings open on
3 November. To put your name on the list, send an e-mail to Kyle at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Visit the Mystery Ghost Bus website www.MysteryGhostBus.co.za

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