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Saturday, 18 July 2009 00:59
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Klipkop Conservancy won a prestigious biodiversity management award for its preservation of Bankenveld.

At the recent Gauteng Conservancy Association (GCA) annual general meeting, Klipkop was presented with the Endangered Wildlife Trust-sponsored Best Biodiversity Conservation Practice 2009 award. In the wetlands category, Klipkop won the silver award and the Elandsvlei Conservancy won gold.

Hugh Patrickson and Tony Prince with the awards bestowed on Klipkop
Photo?s: Klipkop Conservancy

Greater species diversity ensures natural sustainability for all life forms and prevents extinction; and healthy ecosystems can better withstand and recover from a variety of natural and man-made disasters, including climate change.

Male impala

So much of bankenveld has already been transformed through agriculture, forestry, mining and especially urban development. Less than two percent is formally protected and that is why private landowners play a vital role in helping to protect and preserve what is left.

This is not a problem unique to South Africa; across the world grasslands have been extensively transformed for human use. Only relatively recently has the world realised that grasslands, including bankenveld, provide essential ecosystem services.

Whitebreasted cormorant

These services include the protection of soil and water resources, the breakdown and absorption of pollution, and nutrient storage and recycling. The cost of replacing these, if possible, would be extremely high. That is why it makes economic and environmental sense to look after these natural resources.

Ultimately, taking care of the veld in your own backyard is in your own best interest, as well as that of the community.

Klipkop Conservancy

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