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Tuesday, 22 January 2008 02:00

Ancient legend tells us that a small window in time opens up at the dawning of each new year. This is a secret window through which the muses of inspiration grant a blessing on earth - creating a fresh start. Maureen O’Crean, founder of Distinctively Diva, says that this legend is hidden in the heart of each new being born here – we all used to know that we can start again if we lose our way.

Each baby is born with the spark of truth and the germ of its life’s purpose. Long ago we knew that once you pursue your heart’s desire, the spark would begin to glow. If not, the ember would grow cold and life would be empty.

But, as centuries of human existence passed, the flames of truth buried in the hearts of humanity grew dimmer. The nine muses of inspiration were saddened. It was as if a veil of sleep had fallen on earth. Did the humans not remember that their lives were meant to be a blessing? Did they not know that they had the power within them to create a magical world of joy?

Today we find this hard to realise because our spark is buried so deeply beneath deadlines, dirty washing, load shedding and outstanding bills that we cannot reach it. And when we cannot access our inner power, we come to the conclusion that happiness comes only from external events; that it is somehow beyond our control.

We forget that we already possess everything we need to be truly happy. The veil of sleep that the muses bemoaned is something most of us experience - the sense that we are not enjoying the lives we are living, even though these lives are chock-and block with all we need.

We’re truly standing ‘Knee-deep in a river, dying of thirst’. Do you know the song? Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of ‘Simple Abundance’, says the first time she heard Kathy Mattea’s rendition of this song, she was on her way to her daughter’s school.

“Suddenly I had to pull over because I was crying so much I couldn’t see the road in front of me. Until then, it had been a busy, but good day . . . So why was I crying?”

Sarah says it’s because the lyrics made her realise that she was rushing through yet another day, longing for things she’s already surrounded with. She just didn’t allow herself to stop and enjoy them. So, how do you make this leap from an empty rushing straight over things to a sense of pausing to enjoy them? Maybe the answer is to realise that we’re actually supposed to pursue happiness.

“In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime,” says Richard Bach in ‘Illusions’. Your happiness is not a frivolous luxury. If we can truly, as the ancient legend says, start again each new year – may we each grasp a new idea in 2008.

Let’s grasp the awareness of what it is that makes us truly happy. Let’s not compare our happiness to what we think other people’s are. Let us realise that the work we were born to do is as unique as our own fingerprint.

I think the old legend’s window-in-time stays open throughout January to help us figure out that there is a potential-self in us that we are here to realise, a self which holds the answer to why we are here. Igniting this spark defines the work we were born to do. It is our calling to discover and unlock its latent luminosity.

Without doing it, you not only injure yourself – you deprive the rest of us of the brilliant light you were meant to shine on us.



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