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Friday, 26 January 2018 14:11
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James Hunt from Rayton writes:
There are two houses in Prinsloo Street in Rayton which are decorated yearly and prove that “local is lekker”. The one house was locked when my wife and I visited, but it is still a visual masterpiece from the road. I wonder who did the arrangements on the roof?

Then there is also the house where Koot stays. This garden is magical in the sense that it is open and that children, from six months up to those 70+ years of age, can play among the lights. The children are especially keen to chase the laser spots playing among the flowers.

Oom Koot has been decorating his garden for many years now. He started when the streets of Rayton were still gravel roads and there were no street lights.

The yearly extravaganza

His  policy is that the garden is there for the children and that they have unhindered access thereto. Each year oom Koot also drives around Rayton on Christmas day and hands out gifts to the children. In December he handed out more than 1 500 gifts.

He is sponsored by some of the firms in Rayton, but the work to put up and design the layout of the lights take him more than a month every year. The packing away of the lights will take even longer, I suppose.

So Raytonites, visit your local X-Mas lights extravaganza next Christmas. Let the children play among the flowers with the laser lights and maybe even donate some money for a wonderful cause.


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