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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 14:01
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Errol Cuthbert from Mooikloof writes:
Very good and interesting magazine. Keep it up!

The reader’s letter to you headed ‘Padvark’ in your July edition refers: You should ‘Name and Shame’ the driver mentioned by Juanita Jamneck in her letter to you.

I am sure your attorneys will guide you on a suitable wording /editorial comment on this letter, so as to prevent any possible litigation by the other driver (if the driver of that other vehicle reads your mag and assuming that he can read).

We need to record and make a note of such drivers. I am a retired person, and have also experienced this kind of aggressive and intimidating driving. The other driver got out of his car and banged on my windows using ‘colourful’ language. Unfortunately I did not make a note of his registration number. Too shocked and taken aback.

The Metro Police / SAPS need to open a special and separate phone line to report this kind of behaviour. Perhaps we should form a vigilante group.


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