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Monday, 26 September 2016 19:24
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John and Sandy Cox have been involved in the training of dogs for the past 50 years. They are a retired couple who live on a plot on the southern slopes of the Bronberg in Tierpoort.

They’ve started training what John says will most likely be their very last dog. Her name is Jessie and she is a 15-month old border collie.

Jessie jumps through a fire hoop with Sandy watching

“We have never been in the dog training business for money, but for pleasure,” John said. “We put on displays, mainly for special occasions or charity, as well as to help and advise dog owners on how to get the best out of their pooches.”

Jessie walking the ropes at 10 months old

John and Sandy recently displayed Jessie’s skills at the Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club’s annual show, where Jessie is an active member. Jessie enjoys doing a bit of carting with her buddy and walking the tightropes. 

Jessie’s second sheep herding lesson

John said that the work she loves more than anything else is collecting the sheep, which is what a border collie is supposed to do.

Jessie carting Trixie

Jessie is accomplished at all obedience and agility exercises as well as many of the working trials disciplines such as searching for articles. She is extremely friendly and lovable and will work for almost anyone.

“At 15 months of age, Jessie is quite amazing,” said John.


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