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Saturday, 18 June 2016 15:46
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Johanna Elizabeth Eltze from Tierpoort writes:
My name is Johanna Elizabeth Eltze. I live at plot 186 Tierpoort. What a wonderful article about the Henry Steyn trek. My Oupa was the grandson of Henry Steyn. He was only three years old at the time, and used to carry the three-legged stool for his Ouma Steyn.

My Oupa was Pieter Willem Coetzer, who married Johanna Susara du Plessis. Her brothers were Dawie, Sarel, Andries and Lukas. That is the correct spelling of the name, with a small d, capital P. From French Huguenot descent.

JGF Steyn and his sons on the Henry Steyn Trek in 1895
Source: ‘Many Treks Made Rhodesia’, S P Olivier

Oupa Coetzer used to work as a builder when he was older, but went into the mountains as a missionary to the black people on his bicycle over weekends, preaching the gospel. He learnt all the native languages, and translated the Bible to them until they had some in their own languages.

Oupa built Matambara Mission and some others around Rusape. He and Ouma held church services over weekends and saw many miracles when they prayed for the sick and demon possessed.

My friend Sandie Cox, also from Tierpoort, grew up in Chipinga and she is from the Odendaal family.

She still has the recipe books written by my Groot Ouma Coetzer. We also know the great grandchild of Andries Potgieter, who lives and preaches in England.


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