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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 21:51
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Peter Harris writes to dr Liesel:
I’d like to know if you have a product or advice for warts on a little dog (10-year old Maltese).

I used different ointments but they seem not to work, and to remove them surgically is very expensive. Can you please give me advice or info on what to use to get rid of the warts?

Dr Liesel van der Merwe answers:
Unfortunately Maltese breeds are especially prone to developing warts as they age. They are generally benign and cause no problems unless the dogs start licking at them or if they are close to the edge of the eyelids and rub on the eye.  

Sometimes they become quite large and can bleed and become infected. These are the only ones you need to remove. I do not know of any cream that can remove them.

If your vet has a hifrecator – a machine which cauterises blood vessels during surgery – he or she can use/purchase loop-like attachments which burn the warts off. This will still need a heavy sedation, but at least no actual surgical cutting. It may not be a suitable method for the larger warts.


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