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Sunday, 27 September 2015 17:44
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Tierpoort Seniors participated in a local version of ‘Minute to Win It’ on 2 September.

Guests were welcomed with a glass of lime juice and crushed ice upon arrival at Shokran. They soon took up the challenge at eight game stations: Finger snooker; bounce the ping pong into the bowl; blow the ping pong through a numbered arch with a straw; bagatelle; skittles; wire buzzer game; rubber egg and spoon; and spell the longest word.

Solly Schoeman, Tania Vorster and Nellie Roos

Each guest had a score card and had to complete each challenge. During the activities orange wedges were served to keep the seniors refreshed. The overall winner was Martie de Klerk and the top 17 scorers received prizes.

Rina Snyman and Doreen Fourie

The final challenge was when the seniors were given the word ‘accipiter’ and asked to write down what they thought the meaning was. The closest answer was by Norma Dunbar who said it was a nose. It actually is the name for a nose bandage.

Nellie Roos

A meal of chicken and bacon kip bake was served with a green salad and carrot salad, followed by ice cream and chocolate sauce, and coffee and tea.

Charmaine Lourens from Shokran donated the salads and refreshments. All other food and gifts were sponsored by the fun event volunteers.


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