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Thursday, 16 October 2008 01:58
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Breytie Breytenbach

Do you have a computer, a laptop, cell phone and a hi-fi? If you are a woman you also have some jewellery. In your kitchen are some pieces of equipment which make life easier for you.

Imagine all these things disappearing at once. You can sit down and cry or swear or write a letter to the government or decide to leave the country. However, nothing will bring back your possessions.

Some of the people living in the Bronberg area will definitely go through this experience between now and January when the schools start again, because we are entering the festive season. For a criminal this means that people are in a holiday mood, having end-of-year functions, buying presents, getting bonuses and wanting to spend.

Consequently the festive season, sad to say, is also stealing season. The Boschkop Police confirms that the incidence of burglary increases between October and January. So, start planning your festive season with special attention to the criminals.

When you invite guests to your place for a braai or dinner, be aware that you are targets, because there will be a concentration of cell phones, wallets and cars. Put some plans in place beforehand, in case the burglars attack while the party is in progress. Remember that the police cannot possibly arrive within minutes, but your neighbours can. Arrange with them to be home and be available if they hear people shouting or blowing a whistle or activating an alarm.

Whatever you plan, simulate it before the time so everybody knows what to do when something happens. Or make some other plan to prevent the bad guys from entering your property. This is the time of year when good neighbourliness will produce very valuable results. We can no longer live in isolation from those around us.

By now you should already know the language your dogs speak. Dogs bark differently at a passing cat than at a person entering your property. If and when you go away from your home for a few days, plan properly for the criminal possibilities. Pack the car where nobody can see you and deliberately
give wrong information to your workers about your movements.

You can co-operate with neighbours to empty your mail box, to mow the lawn, and to spend some time in your house so that lights can be switched on and off. Of course you will have to have a positive relationship and a mutual agreement that you will do the same for them.

Make sure your windows are closed. An open window attracts criminals. Remember that they spend time watching your place before they decide that it is a good target.

Prevention is better than cure, so it might be best if you store your valuable stuff somewhere else. Concentrate on electronic and electrical equipment, jewellery, expensive metal objects such as copper and bronze, and items that will be hard to replace. The best solution is to get somebody to stay in your house for the time you are not home.

If anybody is available to do house sitting during the coming holidays, send me your information and I can give it to the people who contact me. Don’t make yourself vulnerable by splashing your contact details in public places. Criminals are everywhere.

For more information, contact Breytie Breytenbach at 012-802-1532.


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