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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 22:18
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Andrew Clark from Vaalbank writes:
I have moved into the new ‘Palazzo’. This is a wooden structure, insulated and covered with ceiling board, so very cosy.

My thanks go out to the site manager, Karen Compion, and a very big thank you to the construction crew, Maraai Hechter, her mom, Tannie Ria, and the two workmen, Jaftha and Rasta, for getting the home to where it is now.

Andrew Clark

A very big thank you also to those very generous donors of various items to make my home what it is today. It really is appreciated.

Last month we reported that those looking for Wet Nose’s Andrew Clark can now find him at the ‘Padstal’ on the plot across the road from the animal shelter. – Ed


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