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Monday, 26 January 2015 23:19
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Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is gathering information with the intent to open a criminal case of abuse and neglect against a national showing judge.

In The Bronberger’s December edition we published a statement from Wet Nose about the 14 horses confiscated on 15 November 2014. ‘Carte Blanche’ also did an exposé on the condition of these horses and a history of alleged abuse.

Wet Nose’s inspector Tarryn Smith was asked to rescue 14 horses that had been abandoned at a DIY stable yard in Fourways. As Wet Nose was told that the horses had been abandoned, and handed over as such by the occupant of the property, the horses were taken to Wet Nose without a warrant. At Wet Nose they were seen by vets, a dentist, farrier, and nutritionist.

According to Wet Nose the showing judge went to see them and admitted to neglecting the horses due to financial restraints. She claimed that only six of the horses were hers and signed them over to Wet Nose.

The same horse: when recently rescued and a few years ago in competition

Wet Nose found out that the others, except for one horse that belonged to a doctor, were hers as well and asked her to sign them over. According to Wet Nose “all was going well and the showing judge was giving her full co-operation until the morning she came to sign over the balance of her horses”. She then served them with an urgent application to the high court for the return of all 14 horses, claiming that she signed six of them over under duress.

Wet Nose had less than 24 hours to respond with an opposing affidavit and to get evidence together.

The court eventually decided that the six horses were not signed over under duress and that Wet Nose should keep them, but should return the remaining seven horses.

According to a statement by Wet Nose, new evidence has since surfaced, painting an alleged history of neglect, stable hopping to hide neglected horses, abuse of grooms and a long trail of unpaid debt.

The statement says that horses had previously been taken away from the showing judge by another animal welfare organisation.


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