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Monday, 26 January 2015 23:13
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Komathie Govender from Randburg writes to dr Liesel:
Hi doctor, my Labrador retriever, Benji, is being treated for fungal encephalitis. He is having prednisone, trisporal and phenobarbital. 

He has had three seizures in the last two weeks. His personality has changed. The MRI says there is a moderate ring-like enhancement of the mass on the right temporal lobe and it measures 17 mm. The spinal tap was inconclusive. 

It is almost a week since he has started medication. I feel that Benji is not here as he is non-reactive. Will he get better? He paces and pants most of the time due to the condition and medication.
He is being treated by a specialist physician.

Dr Liesel van der Merwe answers:
Fungal encephalitis is not a condition common in South Africa. If the mass is what we call a fungal granuloma, it will take some time to reduce in size. I am afraid I really cannot comment on how he is responding to treatment without seeing the patient.

The phenobarbitone can take about eight days to start working properly and animals can also be a bit “out of it” and “act drunk” in the first week or two as they get used to the medication. This will all settle as their systems adapt to the drug. So, wait it out another week or so.


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