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Friday, 12 December 2014 13:28
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Advocate Saninke du Rand writes:
Nobody can really answer my question on how this has come about, but the information I could gather is that one of our neighbours by chance saw the little notice displayed on the fence of plot 182, which informed us of the proposed building of a funeral parlour and cemetery in the area.

After doing some crisis control, by submitting complaints and queries to the town planners, the issue died a quiet death until early November.

Without notice or proper announcement, once again we were confronted with a public participation process where we had to complete forms and submit mails to a company only known as Delron.

Almost the whole affected community expressed their views to Delron, and we only hope that they pay attention to our clearly described issues about the proposed development.

To highlight just a few: The waterline in the area has not been properly planned, built or connected, and the neighbourhood is having great difficulty with water pressure and proper amounts of water in and around their properties.

Those of us who had no option of connection, use the groundwater to sustain our living conditions. The risk of pollution is a very high concern, since we are totally reliant on the underground water table.

To live in the Boschkop area is to pay a premium for wide open spaces, peace and quiet and we would be very much upset should this be threatened. Disturbance of this peace and quiet will not only impact us as owners, but more so the wildlife and birds that we have in the area.

I don’t know why this cemetery is earmarked for development as there is still space in the Garsfontein cemetery. It is unclear how this town planning was done in the first place, and I am sure that not only me, but several other home and smallholding owners have significant issues with the current planned development.

I would appreciate some feedback from the developer on my questions and some explanation on why this is necessary.

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