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Friday, 12 December 2014 13:27
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Louis van der Merwe from Mooiplaats writes:
My plot is located on the opposite side of the Boschkop road at a distance of 720 metres from plot 182, where a cemetery is planned.

The site for any new cemetery, private or municipal, should be arrived at by a municipal study as part of a town planning exercise. I looked at an example in the United Kingdom where exactly that was done. In this case it just seems we have an individual grabbing an opportunity to make profit.

Surely the municipality should have some guidelines for what type of developments can take place in the different areas. As an example: Municipality should not allow a large factory in the suburbs. It should be in an area earmarked for industries.

I want to know what is the municipal planning for future cemeteries in the east of Pretoria. In other words, is there any requirement for this proposed development?

Letter shortened. – Ed


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