Borehole cable theft is rife in Zwavelpoort Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 17 September 2008 21:47
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A recent spate of borehole cable theft in Zwavelpoort raised an important question: How do these criminals know where the boreholes are on smallholdings? According to Petro Anderson from the Zwavelpoort Residents Association the answer is easy – inside info.

During the past while, electric borehole cables were stolen from plots 141, 163, the plot next to plot 136, and plot 150, Zwavelpoort.“Whether we’d like to accept it or not, our workers are the informants for these criminals,” Petro said.

“These guys are clever and can gain info from our workers without the workers even realising that they are giving out info. Talk to your people and let them report any strangers or loiterers who talk too much.”

Who knows where your borehole is?


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